CRICETI on show from October 19 till November 16 at TID Space

After the success of the “CRICETI #nutrirsidarte” exhibition at the MAC in Milan, Dutch artist Rudy van der Velde returns with a new exhibition combining his provocative art with the world of design: Criceti in Armchair.

October 19 2017, Van der Velde‘s New kitsch creations will sit on the innovative seats, in dialog with the furnishings selected by TID (, which has always featured designers and limited series.

They will be accommodated on the designer armchairs, from Dorfles, Zeri and Schwarz to Boatto, Barilli and Virgin, Bonito Oliva, Celant and Caroli to Daverio, Sgarbi, Bonami, Beatrice, Crespi, created by Rudy van der Velde with incredible and colorful irony.



Criceti in Poltrona - invito

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