Who is
Rudy van der Velde?

Rudy (Rutger) van der Velde (The Netherlands, October 30, 1948) is a professional journalist, creative director, art director, graphic designer, illustrator and, last but not least, an artist.

Ever since he was young he dedicated himself to painting, engraving, collages and photography. Creates illustrations for books and book covers, designs newspapers and periodicals for leading Italian publishers, and also deals with integrated communication and corporate design.

Since the mid-1990s he’s been passionately dedicated to his creatures “New Kitsch”, original elaborations of all futile contemporary.


New Kitsch

Van der Velde and the New Kitsch

by Gillo Dorfles

The names of Hermann Broch and Clement Greenberg – among the first and the most authoritative to address the Kitsch problem – would be to emphasize the importance of this ambiguous “condition” of taste. In fact, there are still two conflicting aspects of the same: the one that is definitely contrary to the true value of the work of art and that, on the other hand, often uses a “non-orthodox” taste to involve and enhance its effectiveness and originality. (…)

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